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City of Heavently Fire: Part 20

Energy runes were all well and good, Clary thought exhaustedly as she reached the top of yet another rise of sand, but they didn’t begin to compete with a cup of coffee.

Magic continues to be thoroughly useless in this world.  No wonder people barely bother using it.

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ARC Review: Vault of Dreamers

The Forge School is the most prestigious arts school in the country. The secret to its success:  every moment of the students’ lives is televised as part of the insanely popular Forge Show, and the students’ schedule includes twelve hours of induced sleep meant to enhance creativity. But when first year student Rosie Sinclair skips her sleeping pill, she discovers there is something off about Forge. In fact, she suspects that there are sinister things going on deep below the reaches of the cameras in the school. What’s worse is, she starts to notice that the edges of her consciousness do not feel quite right. And soon, she unearths the ghastly secret that the Forge School is hiding—and what it truly means to dream there.

There are a lot of tropes in YA these days that just annoy the snot out of me.  And when it comes to the “mystery/adventure set in a school,” there’s a very specific set of tropes that get included that annoy the snot out of me.  There’s the required love triangle, the needless popularity comparisons, the ‘we can’t tell anyone because then the plot would be over too soon’ lines, all that jazz that makes me roll my eyes and say “not again.”


Vault of Dreamers apparently took a look at all my annoyances and said “okay, but what if we took all that and did it right?”  And then did so.

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On Writing: Bodyguards

Has your character ever needed a bodyguard?  Yes?  Did you think that the job of a bodyguard was limited to walking next to someone while wearing sunglasses and having sexual tension/banter?  Well then, we need to talk.

  • Bodyguarding is a regulated profession.  Technically, you don’t need to go to a class to follow someone around and promise to beat up whoever hassles them.  On the other hand, if you do that, your paycheck can’t say “bodyguard” on it.  Every state has different requirements, but all of them include “take at least some sort of class and get a license.”  You have to take a class to be a security guard.  You have to take a different class to be a bodyguard.  You have take more classes to be an armed guard.  You have to take a separate, unique class for each type and caliber of weapon you want to be licensed for.  Now, like everything else, there are good and bad schools for this sort of thing, and with very little searching you can probably find a “school” that will take your money and give you a license at the end of the day, whether you paid attention to the class or not.  But the fact still remains that you can’t just turn to any random person and call them a bodyguard.

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“Have you ever seen Mad Men or The Sopranos? What do you believe is the greatest television show ever to air?”

M*A*S*H, of course. :P

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“Are you reading Farla's Dresden Files spork on Dragon Quill? Does it bother you since you gave a positive review of that book on Goodreads?”

Nope and nope.  (I’ve gotten way behind on reading Farla’s blog. Sad times.)  I read that book before I had a goodreads, so when I was rating all my past books I did it rather emotionally.  I remember being generally not pissed off, so I gave it more stars, even though the details are a bit fuzzy.  Besides, I’ve liked plenty of things that are snark worthy, no shame in that.

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“What's your favorite cocktail that is both delicious and fantastic for getting drunk enough to deal with truly awful books?”

Well, I’ve never found that being drunks “helps” with bad books, although it does make ranting about them a bit more fun. :P  But Long Island Ice Teas (and all the variations thereon) will get you shnockered pretty fast, and I think they’re yummy.

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“Question: In your review for "Throne of Glass", (loved tryst review, by the way!), you mentioned an epithet shouldn't be used that often. However, there is still a need to eliminate word name proximity. Any advice on not creating an awkward sentence by not over/under-using names? (Just wondering).”

  1. That need is probably not as great as you’re imagining. 
  2. Ain’t nothing in the world wrong with pronouns.

I understand the worry that goes into using epithets, I really do, but I’ve read hundreds of books that didn’t use them at all and never once did I think “gosh, I’m reading that character’s name far too often, I wish they’d sub in her job title once or twice to break it up.” 

One of the biggest problems with Throne of Glass’s use of epithets was the downright inappropriate use of epithets.  As in, they would be used in situations where a reminder of the character’s job/age/whatever was actually distracting from the event going on.  “The assassin cooked an omelet.”  Yes, and…did she do it very assassin-ly? 

If you want to use an epithet despite all my comments to the contrary, more power to you, but do at least remember that when you use them, you’re calling attention to only one aspect of the character.  Make sure that aspect deserves the focus you’re giving it in that scene.

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“Talk to it! Maybe all it wants is a friend! You want a mysterious creature from the void as a friend, right? Riiiight?”

I don’t know, if all it does is scratch around all mysteriously and such, that would be a rather boring friend. >.>

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“Do you have a favourite cheese, and if so, what is it?”

You guys are so mean to me. :(  Colby-jack, but I only eat cheese when I’m really in need of comfort food, since it makes me a little bit sick.  Recent development, so a hard adjustment after a whole life of “OM NOM NOM CHEESE.”

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“what will you do if the noise is a ghost?”

Nothing.  What can you do against a ghost, after all?  (But I think it’s a lizard, so.)

honesty hour
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